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What additionally makes Echoes a unique project, is how it was made. This universe was written, drawn, animated, produced, programmed and voiced by a talented team from all over the world. Five different time zones to be precise!

Ido Tal

Producer, Game Designer and Programmer.

Axel Hammarb├Ąck

Lead Art and Animation, Additional Game Design and QA.

Paul 'The Doomhammer' Komenza

Writer (storyline).

Calvin Jazz Walker

Voice Actor - Narrator, Lord Synderion, Colonel Alan Strickman, Captain John Miller, UEN units.

Nick Sumbles

Voice Actor - UEN units.

Shir Parag / shirpan

Voice Actor - Ursula Chekhov.

Luke Orrin

Voice Actor - Player DEM, Dr. Hunter, UEN units.


Additional Art

Daniel Cain

Voice Actor - Inquisitor, Various NPCs

Erik Hammarback

Music producer

Marie Sommerdahl

Voice Actress - UEN units.

James / Jimmy Carr

Voice Actor - Diabolos, Parker, and Nils.

Zach Striefel

Sound Effects producer.


Voice Actress - Yuki Nakamora.
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Special Credits & Thanks:
HEN MAZOLSKI Consulting in game design and playability tester.
YOAV "KOOLFOX" LANDAU Support in SFX & music production in early development.

Note: This page DOES NOT list the full credits of the game. Access the full credits through the game.