Steven K. Chandler

The UEN needs YOU in this, humanity’s darkest hour!

The advanced cyborg race, the Hybrid Pantheon, may have seized control of Earth, seized control of our homes, our families, our friends… but they have not seized control of the human spirit to resist!

Now, thousands of men and women aboard the Mother Earth await their chance to strike back, but more volunteers are always needed! If humanity is to defeat this menace to our very existence, then we must stand united once more.

Join the UEN!




First formed in the year 2233 following the end of the bloody second American Civil War, the UEN (United Earth Nations) was designed to be the first all-encompassing planet-wide government, and to bring an end to the conflicts which had divided humanity for millennia.

It failed. The old hatreds and rivalries between nations - and the twin challenges of a dying natural environment and unstable economy which defined the first seventy years of the 23rd century - proved too much for this bold exercise in utopian ideology.

The UEN found itself bogged down in expensive, draining conflicts across the globe as nation after nation pulled its support from the organization. When it finally collapsed under its own weight in 2272, the brittle world economy went with it.

With hopes for a peaceful, prosperous future seemingly dashed before them, the tired, scared and hungry population of earth rose up in protest against the individual national governments and leaders they felt had betrayed them. In response, martial law was declared, and clashes between civilian rioters and military personnel became daily occurrences in cities all over the world. The cycle of violence continued unabated, and when the Temple-Ships of the Hybrid Pantheon first appeared in the skies above humanity’s Martian colony of Asgard in late 2276, an exhausted human race could no longer summon the will to resist.


Surprisingly, the collapse of the original organization and the Hybrid conquest of Earth did not mean the death of the UEN as a movement: In late 2277, human prisoners - following the enigmatic General Dem - seized control of Lord Synderion’s Temple-Ship and re-christened it the Mother Earth. Dem recognized that in the face of such a powerful enemy, humanity needed a symbol of unity to rally around if it was ever to be victorious. The UEN had been re-born.

In its current form, the UEN is a primarily military organization focused on the liberation of the human race, and is led by a council consisting of General Dem (Commander-In-Chief UEN Forces), Dr. Daniel Hunter (Chief Researcher, UEN science team), Commander Yuki Nakamura (CO of Mother Earth), and a fourth representative chosen from the civilian population of the Mother Earth (Currently unassigned.)

Current Status

The UEN currently claims as members: The population of the Mother Earth (Approx. 2.8 Million), all soldiers of the one-hundred-and-twenty-one distinct guerrilla cells operating across the Earth’s surface (Approx. 0.5 Million), and all human prisoners in captivity or in revolt aboard the Temple-Ships of the Hybrid Pantheon (Between 4 and 7 Billion.)

The UEN’s current objectives are:: Liberation of all human prisoners held by the Hybrid Pantheon, ejection of the Hybrid Pantheon from all recognized human territories, long term re-construction of human society.
The Mass Construction Foundries, located deep within the vast engineering quadrant of the Mother Earth, are responsible for the production of more than ninety-five percent of the UEN’s weaponry and equipment. The process is almost entirely automated – requiring only an adequate supply of raw materials and the appropriate technological schematics uploaded into the foundry computer systems. Unfortunately, the majority of Hybrid military schematics in the Mother Earth’s databases are encrypted, and current UEN equipment is therefore of almost entirely human design. This database contains records pertaining to standard UEN military equipment.

Nanotech Blade

The only Hybrid designed weapon we are currently able to construct, it is the perfect close-range melee weapon. Its specifically engineered, ultra-thin –only a few atoms thick at its edge – ultra-strong design allows it to cut through practically any material we are presently aware of, even Hybrid Tank armour.

Of course, how much harm one could actually cause a Hybrid Tank is debatable, as the blade is quite short. This is an unfortunate necessity, as tests have proved that lengthening the blade results in an unacceptable reduction in structural integrity. In these conditions the blade would shatter under sufficient pressure - filling the surrounding environment with hundreds of thousands of nanoscopic, super sharp fragments guaranteed to kill practically any living thing within a five feet radius of the integrity failure.

Never fear, for in its current state the Nanotech blade is perfectly safe.

- Dr. Daniel Hunter, UEN Science Team

UEAR-77 Assault Rifle

Adapted from the designs of several of the more popular pre-invasion assault rifles, the United Earth Assault Rifle 2277 model is perhaps the finest ever designed. Its light weight, low recoil, high accuracy, high rate of fire and lack of complex moving parts have made it the obvious – and, in fact, only – choice for the UEN’s standard armament.

Unfortunately, it pales in comparison to Hybrid photon energy emitters, but as far as chemically-propelled projectile weapons go, there has never been one better.

- Dr. Daniel Hunter, UEN Science Team
Due to the appalling casualties military personnel suffered both during (and in the chaotic years leading up to) the Hybrid invasion, the majority of UEN and guerrilla soldiers have no formal military training. This database contains information pertaining to current UEN unit organization.

UEN Combat Marines

access granted

The PBI (Poor Bloody Infantry) of UEN forces, Combat Marines are equipped with UEAR-77 Assault Rifles and standard combat armour, and tend to possess the least combat training on average of all UEN units. In effect, they rely more on enthusiasm and good leadership to win and survive battles, then they do on personal skill.

In all honesty, and for the purpose of this assessment, I can’t help but predict that the Combat Marines will take enormous casualties within the first few months of the war. Inexperience will cost a lot of lives, and we can only hope that the survivors will learn from their mistakes. A lot will rest on the competence of the individual squad leaders, and on pure luck.

- Captain John Miller, 1st Regiment.

General Dem

Sex: M

Age: Approximately 25 – 29 years of age

DOB: Unknown

Service Record: General Dem is the current Commander-in-Chief of all UEN forces based on the Mother Earth. He is believed to be the first human chosen by the Hybrid Pantheon to undergo their ‘Ritual of Ascension’; the physical and mental integration into the Hybrid leadership caste. His escape from captivity before the completion of this process has left him with advanced Hybrid implants and abilities, but with no recollection of his past. All further information is classified.

Other Notes:
access denied

Colonel Alan Strickman

Sex: M

Age: 65

DOB: 15/03/2213

Service Record: Alan Strickman first saw active service as a private of Government forces during the Second American Civil War of 2231 and earned a number of commendations for bravery from his superiors. When this conflict ended in 2233 and the first UEN world government was formed, the now lieutenant Strickman was one of the first officers hand picked to lead its elite peacekeeping units.

He saw action in a number of campaigns across the globe, notably the battle for Iceland in 2241, when extremists seized control of the local government. He later retired to the city of Reykjavík at age 60 following the dissolution of the UEN government, and the economic collapse which heralded the years of rioting and political instability that persisted until the Hybrid conquest of Earth.

After humanity’s defeat, Strickman gathered together as many survivors as possible and formed one of the largest guerrilla units in the Northern Hemisphere.

Other Notes:
Strickman’s a living legend, and Iceland isn’t exactly a hive of Hybrid activity. If Operation Stranglehold is successful, I think it would be in our best interests to persuade him to join us on the Mother Earth, where his talents can be put to better use.

- Captain John Miller, 1st Regiment.